Curated Collections

Looking for a great read? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve hand-picked collections by subject or genre.

Animal instincts

From fossils to the finned, feathered or furred, animals are a favourite topic at Griffith Review.
Explore this collection of work dedicated to our friends in the animal kingdom.

The collection includes work by Ashley Hay, Chris Flynn, Laura Jean McKay, Rebecca Giggs, Alice Gorman and more.

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First Nations perspectives

We've put together a collection of essays by leading First Nations writers, thinkers and activists that explore the long road to Indigenous representation.

This collection includes work by Megan Davis, Teela Reid and Thomas Mayo.

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Poetry in motion

Griffith Review has been proudly publishing poetry for over twenty years. Dip your toe in with this selection of sensuous, lyrical pieces.

This collection includes work by Sharlene Allsopp, Tony Birch, Brendan Colley, Shastra Deo, Barbara Kingsolver and Damon O'Brien.

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Forces of nature

Explore our round-up of essays that consider our relationship to the natural world, from colonisation and climate change to urban development and the landscapes of the future.

The collection includes work by Samuel Watson, Charles Massy, Catherine Gough-Brady, Tony Birch, Ashley Hay and Genevieve Bell.

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Writers on writers

Ever wanted to know what your favourite authors like to read? In this series, some of Australia's most celebrated scribes reflect on a book that's had a lasting impact on their creative lives.

This collection includes work by Anne Summers, Patrick Holland, James Bradley, Romy Ash, Tara June Winch and Christopher Kremmer.

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Women of letters

From the glass ceiling to the surface of the moon, these pieces dissect the complications and contradictions of twenty-first century gender roles.

This collection includes work by Bri Lee, Alice Gorman, Jane Gleeson-White, Bianca Nogrady, Kate Galloway and Marg O'Donnell.

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Eat your words

Whet your appetite for great writing with this enticing buffet of food-themed fiction, memoir, reportage, conversations and more. 

The collection includes work by Amber Gwynne, Brett Leigh Dicks, Yves Rees, Laura Elvery, Nornie Bero + Carody Culver and Nicole Hasham.

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It's a crime

Investigate this intriguing body of crime-themed work, which runs the gamut from fictional felonies to incisive reportage on corruption, injustice and incarceration. 

This collection includes work by David Ritter, Clare Wright, Cameron Muir, Lucy Sussex, Amy McQuire and Chris Masters.

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The artist is present

Browse this collection of conversations with some of the renowned visual artists whose work appears in Griffith Review. 

This collection includes conversations with Gerwyn Davies, Trevor Smith, Yvonne Todd, Anna Di Mezza, Ruth Cho and Pierre Châtel-Innocenti.

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More than a game

With FIFA Women's World Cup fever in Australia, we've put together a collection of some of our favourite writing on sport – from football to table tennis, wrestling and more. 

Work by Ellen van Neerven, Annie Zaidi, Keane Shum, Sean Gorman, Bronwyn Adcock and Hamish Townsend.

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Featured novellas

From 2012 to 2020Griffith Review ran an annual novella competition, generously supported by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, to celebrate the versatility and complexity of this underrated form. Enjoy our selection of winning novellas from some of Australia’s best emerging and established voices. 

This collection includes work by Nick Earls, Holden Sheppard, Mirandi Riwoe, Megan McGrath, Kris Kneen and Claire G Coleman.

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Favourite fiction

We've chosen just a few of the most memorable, inventive and engaging short stories we've published in the pages of GR over the years. Be sure to check back regularly – we've got so much great fiction to share, we update this collection every month!

This collection includes work by Julie Koh, Declan Fry, Matthew Wengert, Melissa Lucashenko, Kris Kneen, Cory Taylor (dec.).

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