Bronwyn Adcock

Bronwyn Adcock is a freelance journalist who’s worked in radio, television and print.

She started her career as a cadet journalist for ABC radio current affairs in 1996, reporting for AM, The World Today and PM programs. During her time at the ABC she was the recipient of the inaugural Andrew Olle Scholarship, and made a number of investigative radio documentaries for Background Briefing.

In 2002 she began reporting and filming stories for the Dateline program on SBS Television. The following year she was the first journalist ever to gain access to the inside of a refugee detention centre on the remote island of Nauru, her story winning a United Nations Media Peace Award.

She also reported extensively on the US counter-terrorism strategy of ‘Extraordinary Rendition’, winning a George Munster Award for her work into the rendition of Mamdouh Habib.

Her essay, ‘Walking on sunshine’, reflecting on her experiences of living off the grid, is available to be downloaded for free in Griffith Review’s exclusive ebook Imagining the Future: Notes from the frontier.


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