Griffith Review 66:
The Light Ascending –
The Novella Project VII

Exploration. Redemption. Escape.

The Light Ascending features new work from Holly Ringland, Julienne van Loon, Mirandi Riwoe, Allanah Hunt and many more.

Decolonising the shelf

In 2019, to celebrate the International Year of Indigenous Languages, Tara June Winch set herself the goal to read only books by Indigenous authors.

In a passionate commentary on the process of decolonising a bookshelf, Winch has set out to review those key works – historical and contemporary; in language and English – that celebrate both the past and the enduring present of Indigenous literature.

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The Novella Project VIII –<br>Submissions now open!

The Novella Project VIII –
Submissions now open!

Griffith Review's 2020 novella competition is now open! We're seeking work that celebrates the uplifting moments that can illuminate lives.

More details on the edition available here.

Submit your work here.

Competition closes: 31 March 2020
Publication date: 3 November 2020

Louise Zhang, Slosh Samples #2 2014 [detail]


Submissions open –
The European Exchange

Griffith Review seeks new work that illuminates the evolving connections between Europe and Australia – work that asks not only how Europe speaks to the rest of the world, but how the rest of the world speaks back.

Submissions close: 2 March 2020
Publication date: 4 August 2020

More information is available here.

Cover image: Yury Avi, Piece of the Sky 2008

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The Light Ascending –
The Novella Project VII
Our annual showcase of the best new fiction, non-fiction and poetry presents work that challenges, celebrates, questions and critiques.

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