States of Mind

Where politics meets psychiatry, and the problematics of real-world living meet creative potential, how do we conceptualise our psychological and existential condition?

Griffith Review 72: States of Mind investigates the parameters of our contemporary cognitive landscapes.


2021 Nature Writing Prize

2021 Nature Writing Prize

'Now, above the once-multicoloured land from which it rises, the watergaw can seem the broken shaft of a cultural and metaphysical message, a dray or chariot ascending but stalled mid-sky, and thereby implying not only the fall but a definitively tragic landing on hard, hoof-compacted, colour-leached, colonial ground.'

Read the winner of The Nature Conservancy Australia's 2021 Nature Writing Prize: 'The watergaw' by Gregory Day.

The Elemental Summer

The Elemental Summer

Griffith Review's new print and online series, The Elemental Summer, follows our unfolding climate emergency.

Featuring essays by some of Australia's leading thinkers on climate, including James Bradley, Rebecca Giggs, Bruce Pascoe, Joëlle Gergis and Tyson Yunkaporta.

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    IN THE FIRST months of 2020, the vibrations of the Earth changed. As monitored by a global network of seismologists, the average daily displacement of the surface of the planet – measured in nanometres, or increments...
  • The watergaw
    Winner of The Nature Conservancy Australia's 2021 Nature Writing Prize DRIVING SLOWLY ON the flat, newly green plains near Inverleigh we saw a tangled knot of silver-grey weather railing in the mid-sky from...
  • Love and fear
    MARCH 2020. IN a darkened room in a Melbourne hospital, a slight, dark-haired woman sits at the bedside of a lone patient. Outside, COVID-19 webs its way silently through the city; inside, the patient rests back ...

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States of Mind
How do we conceptualise our psychological, existential and political condition? States of Mind examines the parameters of our cognitive landscapes – and how far they might take us.

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Visiting utopias old and new, near and far, Hey, Utopia! explores the possibilities and pitfalls of imagining a better future. Where will it take us next? And do we even want to go there?
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