Griffith Review 67:
Matters of Trust


As trust in our most familiar institutions crumbles does this represent a failure, or an opportunity for new forms of organisation to emerge? Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust features new work from Anne Tiernan, David Ritter, Cameron Muir and Jenny Hocking.




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The Novella Project VII podcast

The Backstory, a special podcast featuring Mirandi Riwoe, Nick Earls and Holden Sheppard, is available to listen to now!

The three writers, who have been involved with past projects as writers and judges, get together to go over all things novella.

Listen to their deliberations as they take us behind the scenes of the writing and judging process – and consider just what it takes to create a successful novella.



Nuclear landscapes:
The ghostly history

In the postwar period, the United States detonated 1,054 nuclear tests at secret locations across the country.

Now abandoned, these sites are deserted monuments to the destructive preoccupations of the Cold War.

In this stunning photo essay, Brett Leigh Dicks documents the haunting legacy of the atomic age in the forsaken sites of America's nuclear past.

Varuna, The National Writers' House – Applications now open!

Applications are now open for current Contributors Circle members to apply for a week-long writing residency at Varuna, The National Writers’ House in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Depending on availability, winners of this year's residencies may also have the opportunity to attend the Blue Mountains Writers' Festival, 22–25 August 2020.

More details on eligibility and criteria for entry are available here.



The Novella Project VIII –<br>Submissions now open!

The Novella Project VIII –
Submissions now open!

Griffith Review's 2020 novella competition is now open! We're seeking work that celebrates the uplifting moments that can illuminate lives.

More details on the edition available here.

Submit your work here.

Competition closes: 7 April 2020
Publication date: November 2020

Louise Zhang, Slosh Samples #2 2014 [detail]


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Matters of Trust
From our first experiences to our last, institutions structure our world – but in recent years even the most entrenched of institutions are seemingly on the edge of implosion.

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In a world where seventy is the new fifty, old age isn't what it used to be. How do we age successfully – as individuals, as a society and as a population?
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