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Stories from the planet's deep south –  where human ideas of exploration, investigation and fantasy play out.


Submissions open for Griffith Review 79: Counterfeit Culture

This edition of Griffith Review lifts the curtain on fakes, frauds and forgeries. Counterfeit Culture treads the tightrope between art and lies, exploring the appeal of stories, objects, bodies or experiences that offer the false promise of authenticity.

Submissions are open now for Griffith Review 79: Counterfeit Culture. Find out more here and submit via Submittable by 30 September 2022.

World Storytelling Day

World Storytelling Day

To mark World Storytelling Day 2022, Griffith Review presents a series of online exclusives that explore the promises and perils of education and the importance of telling stories from inside its different landscapes.

The Latest

  • Between different worlds
    HERE’S AN IDEA: there’s no time at the South Pole. Where the globe’s lines of longitude meet, all the world’s times co-exist at once. To walk a circle with a radius of ten metres around the planet’s southern p...
  • Buried treasure
    THE PHOTO THAT pops up with his periodic tweets is something of a non-­sequitur. Joel Pedro – ‘Lead Project Scientist, Million Year Ice Core Project, Australian Antarctic Division’ – sits at the wheel of a Ma...
  • Where borders break down
    WHEN EXPLAINING MY Antarctic research to new acquaintances, at a dinner party or a barbeque, I can usually predict the direction of the conversation. First comes surprise and – depending on the crowd – perhaps del...

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Real Cool World
A cool look at the one continent on Earth truly free of national government, where human ideas of exploration, investigation and fantasy continue to play out.

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A Matter of Taste
Exploring food as spectacle and status symbol, as fad and fantasy, as capital and cultural currency. If we are what we eat, then who are we in the twenty-first century? 
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