A Matter of Taste

Taking in table manners, fast and slow food, the dilemma of diets and the ethics of production, from sautéed and sous vide to nothing but raw, Griffith Review 78: A Matter of Taste serves up a banquet that considers if we really are what we eat.

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A Matter of Taste launch

Polish up your cutlery and don your dinner suit, Griffith Review 78: A Matter of Taste is plating up to be served to the banqueting table that is Australian arts and letters. 

Join Editor Carody Culver in conversation with contributors Jumaana Abdu, Kris Kneen and Elizabeth Willing, followed by a taster of what's in the book with readings from Laura Elvery, Myles McGuire, Anna McGahan and Melanie Myers.

More details, and how to book, can be found here.


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Current Edition

A Matter of Taste
From the comfort of the kitchen to the theatre of the restaurant, the ways we frame and consume stories about food shape our cultural histories as much as our personal identities

Next Edition

Counterfeit Culture
How do we discern what's real and what's not in a time of influencers and identity scams, counterfeits and cosmetic surgeries, disinformation, fake news and threats to democracy?
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