Remaking the Balance

How can we do more with what we have?

Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance explores our relationship with all that's animal, mineral, vegetable and more.



The Elemental Summer

The Elemental Summer

Griffith Review's new print and online series, The Elemental Summer, follows our unfolding climate emergency.

Featuring essays by some of Australia's leading thinkers on climate, including James Bradley, Rebecca Giggs, Bruce Pascoe, Joëlle Gergis and Tyson Yunkaporta.

A dream that cannot be denied

A dream that cannot be denied

In October 2017 the federal government rejected proposals for a Voice to Parliament called for in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Here, to mark the third anniversary of that rejection, Thomas Mayor, a stalwart champion of its cause, uncovers the deep roots of Aboriginal protest and resistance that fed into the Statement as he traces the long walk to Freedom Day.

Through the Window:
Community control

The pandemic’s ghastly presence is one among many sources of fear in Afghanistan, and a virus will thrive in a culture of fear, competition and suspicion. I am struck (not for the first time) by this country’s apparent commonalities with the United States – the prevalence of violence, mistrust, anger and misinformation. 

In the final instalment of our series examining the kaleidoscopic impacts of this year of the pandemic, Rachel Maher reflects on shared experiences across apparent divides.

Read the piece in full here.



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Remaking the Balance
Can we refashion the relationship between what we need and what we nurture? Can we forge a new equilibrium to sustain us into the twenty-first century?

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