Hey, Utopia!

What are the possibilities and pitfalls of imagining a better future?

Griffith Review 73: Hey, Utopia! explores the ramifications of Thomas More's term in a range of contexts: the possible and the improbable, the out of reach and almost realised.



Submissions open for Griffith Review 75: Learning Curves

Submissions open for Griffith Review 75: Learning Curves

Education never ends, as Sherlock Holmes once told Watson – but where does it begin? And how many different paths can we take on the journey to knowledge?

Submissions are open now for Griffith Review 75: Learning Curves. Find out more here and submit via Submittable by 31 August 2021.


Image credit: Shaun Tan, On My Way to Paradise 
Snake of Light

Snake of Light

'Headlights curving round the S-bends like a snake of light gliding towards some undefined prey. He blew smoke out the window, humming to himself, and the moon shone full in the belly of the night.'

Listen to poet, musician and self-proclaimed mischief-maker Loki Liddle read aloud 'Snake of Light', his short story that features in our current edition, States of Mind.

2021 Nature Writing Prize

2021 Nature Writing Prize

'Now, above the once-multicoloured land from which it rises, the watergaw can seem the broken shaft of a cultural and metaphysical message, a dray or chariot ascending but stalled mid-sky, and thereby implying not only the fall but a definitively tragic landing on hard, hoof-compacted, colour-leached, colonial ground.'

Listen to award-winning author Gregory Day read aloud 'The watergaw', the essay that won him The Nature Conservancy Australia's 2021 Nature Writing Prize.

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  • Reframing the thought ­
    IT WAS ONLY recently that I learnt about aphantasia, a condition in which people cannot conjure up or visualise mental imagery. A friend explained that if she asked her children to imagine seeing an apple, they could de...
  • Facing foundational wrongs
    ROMAN QUAEDVLIEG STANDING tall in his smart black suit – medals glistening, insignia flashing – looked every bit the man-in-uniform from central casting when he stood between Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on 1...
  • Life on JobKeeper
    IN SEPTEMBER 2020, two months into Melbourne’s second lockdown, I was in my local park doing my allotted hour of physical activity when a pleasant feeling that wasn’t just feel-good-exercise-chemicals flowed through me. A surprising thought fol...

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Hey, Utopia!
Visiting utopias old and new, near and far, Hey, Utopia! explores the possibilities and pitfalls of imagining a better future. Where will it take us next? And do we even want to go there?

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Escape Routes
Plotting the parameters our daydreams, our transformations and our jailbreaks. As another testing year comes to an end, this edition sets out to celebrate what might come next.
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