Kate Galloway


A property lawyer for 16 years, in 2004 Kate Galloway joined the Law School at James Cook University where she teaches and researches in property law, feminist legal theory and legal education.

Kate has published and presented both within Australia and internationally on the need for transformation in legal education and the legal profession.

She is presently a PhD candidate at Melbourne University, exploring distributive justice and the nature of property in domestic relationships, and blogs regularly on issues of justice for women in the law and in legal practice.


The unwritten rules

GR OnlinePatriarchal power and control occurs silently, without fanfare, through institutions and their structure, including legal institutions and the family. It is in this conceptualisation that the recent public discussion in Australia of misogyny and the 'gender card' became distracted, focussing on a personal hatred of individual women as key rather than the daily reproduction of significant structural inequality.

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