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We run open calls for submissions throughout the year:

  • Non-fiction and fiction call-outs generally open four times a year and invite full submissions in response to a loose edition theme.
  • Poetry call-outs are open four times a year and invite full submissions for poetry on any subject (poetry doesn’t need to align with edition themes).
  • We occasionally open call outs for specific projects such as the Griffith Review Emerging Voices competition.

Griffith Review in 2024

  • Griffith Review 83: Past Perfect (Feb): examining our love affair with recycling our history – CLOSED.
  • Griffith Review 84: Attachment Styles (May): going beyond the family tree to consider our myriad emotional bonds – CLOSED.
  • Griffith Review 85: Status Anxiety (August): exploring the fallout of our status anxiety – CLOSED.
  • Griffith Review 86: Leaps of Faith (November): examining the many faces of faith and belief and how they shape us. Poetry call-out will open in late July 2024.
  • Stay tuned for our 2025 editions and call-out dates - coming soon!

Griffith Review 86: Leaps of Faith - Poetry


To take a leap of faith is to bet your belief on an unknown future. But belief is central to the human experience. Whether it’s religious, political, societal, philosophical or spiritual, the act of believing can be a lodestar, a comfort, a ritual, a guiding principle, a reason for living. We place our faith in everything from gods and mortals to medicine and magic, and while the bet doesn’t always pay off, it can usually tell us something about our desires, our values and our selves.

What’s the role of religion in today’s increasingly secular world? Why are we so obsessed with cults? How have the internet and social media attenuated (or, in some cases, enhanced) our ability to believe what we read?

Griffith Review 86: Leaps of Faith explores the things we believe in – from science and superstition to politics and preppers – and why.

You can submit up to four individual poems, each no longer than two pages.

Submissions open: 22 July 2024

Submissions close: 11:59 pm AEST, 4 August 2024

Publication date: November 2024

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Writers’ guidelines

Griffith Review is a literary and current affairs journal that’s aimed at a general readership – although we’re part of a university, we’re not an academic publication. We publish work by established and emerging writers – most from Australia, some from overseas – and we curate each edition loosely around a particular theme.

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