Bri Lee

LEE, Bri

Bri Lee is an award-winning writer, academic and activist and the author of Who Gets to be Smart, Beauty and Eggshell Skull.

Her journalism, criticism and short fiction have been published in most major Australian outlets, including The Monthly and The Guardian.

Her latest initiative, Freadom Inside, is a collaboration with the Women’s Justice Network that allows the public to purchase and donate books to women incarcerated in New South Wales.


What ripples beneath

MemoirJEREMY B PULLMAN was a tall, slim man with pale grey eyes and a number-three buzz cut along the sides of his skull. The rest of his dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail and tied together at...

Young lady, that’s inappropriate

EssayAFTER GRADUATING FROM law school, I spent a full and disturbing year working as a judge’s associate in the District Court of Queensland. The role required silence and discretion, and each week I sat, mute and powerless, watching things unfurl in front of me – both in and out of court – that made me want to get up and run. Forever the youngest in the room, often the only female, things that were normal to the seasoned lawyer unsettled me. I used to think all the time: Is anyone else seeing this?

Holding the baby

ReportageWhere I live, what I earn and my level of education: these will all influence not only my decision to have a baby but the experiences that baby will then have. These four factors – education, geography, wealth and birth rate – loop around one another in infinite iterations. People in regional and remote Australia have more children younger; they also have lower levels of educational attainment.

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