Jane Gleeson-White


Jane Gleeson-White is the author of four books, including Double Entry (2011), the internationally acclaimed history of accounting, and its sequel, Six Capitals (2014, revised 2020).

Her writing on economics, sustainability and literature has appeared widely, including in The Wall Street JournalThe GuardianBloomberg and Sydney Review of Books.


Valuing country

EssayIT WAS READING Alexis Wright’s novel Carpentaria (Giramondo, 2006) in 2007 that introduced me to the idea of ‘country’: land as a living being with meaning, personality, will, a temper and ancient reciprocal relationships with its people governed by...

A new mother tongue

EssayAS OXFORD ECONOMIST Kate Raworth so rightly puts it, economics is the ‘mother tongue’ of public policy – and it is time to reimagine it for the twenty-first century. We need a new language for public policy and debate that...


Essay...it’s not surprising to learn that economics is still the most male-dominated discipline in universities across the globe – even more so than science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It’s time to change this.

My mother’s silence, my nation’s shame

MemoirON 4 FEBRUARY 1942, stripped of all identification, hands wired behind his back, my grandfather and some 160 other Australians were marched by Japanese soldiers into the jungle on the coast of New Britain in the former Australian Mandated...

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