Lucy Sussex


Lucy Sussex was born in New Zealand. She works across genres, with particular interests in women’s lives, crime and Victoriana.

Her award-winning fiction includes the novel, The Scarlet Rider (Forge, 1996, to be reprinted 2014). Her latest project is ‘Victorian Blockbuster: Fergus Hume and The Mystery of a Hansom Cab’ (forthcoming).

She lectures in English at La Trobe University, Bundoora.


The sin room

FictionWhen they left, carrying Will on a stretcher, I closed the shop for the day. My thoughts were all a swirl, and the most important was that Will would be all right, despite concussion and a broken jaw – and the source of the blood, a shallow flesh wound in his back. I saw it when an ambo pulled up Will’s black shirt tail and thought: that’s not road trauma. I know a knife wound when I see it.

Told in the bush

Essay'THAT'S A GENUINELY rare book you have there,' said the second-hand book dealer. 'I've never seen it before.''It came from my mother's side of the family,' I replied. 'She kept her children's books.'The object in question is genuinely unprepossessing....

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