Women of letters

From the glass ceiling to the surface of the moon, these pieces dissect the complications and contradictions of twenty-first century gender roles.

Holding the baby

Where I live, what I earn and my level of education: these will all influence not only my decision to have a baby but the experiences that baby will then have. These four factors – education, geography, wealth and birth rate – loop around one another in infinite iterations.


WHAT WILL IT mean for a woman to set foot on the Moon, a world whose human landscape has so far been shaped largely by men? In the twentieth century,…


…it’s not surprising to learn that economics is still the most male-dominated discipline in universities across the globe – even more so than science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It’s time to change this.

The chemical question

‘IT’S MY HORMONES, doc. It’s my hormones, and no one’s listened to that.’ It was the late 1980s, in what was once Royal Park Psychiatric Hospital in inner-city Melbourne. A brash…

The unwritten rules

Patriarchal power and control occurs silently, without fanfare, through institutions and their structure, including legal institutions and the family. It is in this conceptualisation that the recent public discussion in Australia of misogyny and the ‘gender card’ became distracted, focussing on a personal hatred of individual women as key rather than the daily reproduction of significant structural inequality.

Not just good girls

Frankly we don’t think you’ll ever make the top Hidden by cloud (or smog) we were unable to see it; there’s vertigo in those verticals. Already a subscriber? Sign in…