David Ritter is the chief executive officer of Greenpeace Australia Pacific and a widely published writer on politics, law, history and current affairs.

He holds honorary affiliations with Sydney University and the University of Western Australia.

His most recent book is The Coal Truth: The Fight to Stop Adani, Defeat the Big Polluters and Reclaim our Democracy (UWA Publishing, 2018).

Pieces by David Ritter

Our once and future home
Edition 72: States of Mind

Let the river flow
Edition 67: Matters of Trust

We all took a stand
Edition 63: Writing the Country

Sound, drums and light
Edition 57: Perils of Populism

A market for a nation
Edition 36: What Is Australia For?

The man without a face
Edition 47: Looking West

Fishing like there’s no tomorrow
Edition 27: Food Chain

Continent without slums
Edition 29: Prosper or Perish

The banksia revolution
Edition 74: Escape Routes

The trick that tells the truth
Edition 79: Counterfeit Culture

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