Megan McGrath


Megan McGrath has written for The New York TimesMeanjinSeizure and Tracks, among others.

‘Reflecting light’ was developed during a Griffith Review Varuna Residency as part of a longer work.

Her short story collection, All Hands, is published by Spineless Wonders.


Whale station

FictionI SPIED THE bull turning circles an hour out from Yellow Patch. I was alone on the Looma, the cool August air settling on the back of my neck as I leaned against the wheel. A day of rain...

The lunar coast

FictionI WAS SEVENTEEN when the tide went out. I felt it in my lungs. At the height of its run, my breath snared in my chest. I clutched my school shirt, gasped.‘Lee?' Alex gripped my shoulder. ‘What's wrong?'I saw...

Reflecting light

FictionDAYS FROM NOW, when the ship pitches so hard Jesse is woken being tossed from the bed, he’ll remember his first moments on board. He’ll know the placement of furniture in the tiny room by memory, and in the...

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