Sean Gorman


Sean Gorman currently holds a senior fellowship at Curtin University.

He has published two books: his first Brotherboys: The Story of Jim and Phillip Krakouer was adapted for the theatre as Krakouer! and toured nationally in 2011. His other book, Legends: The AFL Indigenous Team of the Century, is a collection of life stories of Aboriginal AFL players and was published in 2011.

He is the lead investigator on an Australian Research Council Linkage grant that has assessed the AFL’s vilification laws.


Big time unna?

MemoirOur 1985 season did not start well. We lost every game until about halfway through the season. This was not to say we did not have a good side, we did. It was just that the other three teams were better. As a means to try and spark a winning streak, Quiny got us all together one night at training. As we huddled together he promised us an eighteen-gallon keg (of Swan) if we won the premiership. We all started hollering like bastards, but deep in our hearts we knew that the contents of that keg were never going to pass our lips. 

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