Dr Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the founding editor of Griffith Review and Emeritus Professor of Media and Culture in of the Griffith University Centre for Social and Cultural Research. She is chair of the board of The Conversation and a member of the board of the Sydney Writers Festival. She is an acclaimed author of several books, including The Idea of Australia: A search for the soul of the nation (Allen and Unwin), Reviving the Fourth Estate (Cambridge) and Steel City Blues (Penguin), the co-author of The Phone Book (Penguin) and editor and principal author of Not Just Another Business (Pluto). She also wrote the librettos to the award-winning operas Black River and Going Into Shadows. She has contributed chapters on media, culture, technology, and gender to many other books.

Julianne  became a Member of the Order of Australia for services to journalism and the community in 2009 and an honorary fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities the following year. She is a thought leader on media and culture and an accomplished public speaker and facilitator. She has served on the board of directors of the ABC, Grattan Institute and Copyright Agency, and chaired the Australian Film TV and Radio School, Queensland Design Council and National Cultural Policy Reference Group and a member of advisory boards with a particular focus on education, journalism, innovation and culture.

Pieces by Julianne Schultz

Facing foundational wrongs
Edition 73: Hey, Utopia!

Move very fast and break many things
Edition 64: The New Disruptors

On suicide watch?
Edition 63: Writing the Country

Settling and making a place
Edition 61: Who We Are

Whispering in our hearts
Edition 60: First Things First

Ties that (still) bind
Edition 59: Commonwealth Now

Stories we tell ourselves
Edition 58: Storied Lives – The Novella Project V

Liar! Cheat! Plonker!

Grooming the globe
Edition 57: Perils of Populism

Intergenerational trust and betrayal
Edition 56: Millennials Strike Back

Born of reform
Edition 55: State of Hope

Learning to read
Edition 54: Earthly Delights – The Novella Project IV

Learning to lead
Edition 53: Our Sporting Life

Time travel
Edition 52: Imagining the Future

Captains don't always know best
Edition 51: Fixing the System

The power of stories
Edition 50: Tall Tales Short – The Novella Project III

Crisis and change

The Uses of Culture

Exhuming defining moments
Edition 46: Forgotten Stories
The Novella Project II

We're all Asian now
Edition 49: New Asia Now

Making nations
Edition 48: Enduring Legacies

Land, glorious land
Edition 47: Looking West

More than a job
Edition 45: The Way We Work

The fourth pillar
Edition 44: Cultural Solutions

Looking east
Edition 43: Pacific Highways

Stories to live by
Edition 42: Once Upon a Time in Oz

The more things change…
Edition 41: Now We are Ten

The women are present
Edition 40: WOMEN & POWER

Searching for the next big thing
Edition 13: The Next Big Thing

Masters of the universe: How nigh’s the end?
Edition 12: Hot Air

Reports from the front
Edition 11: Getting Smart

Family first
Edition 10: Family Politics

Casualties in pursuit of paradise
Edition 14: The Trouble with Paradise

Respect versus division
Edition 15: Divided Nation

Beyond the Brisbane Line
Edition 9: Up North

A lingering legacy
Edition 16: Unintended Consequences

An idea whose time has come
Edition 17: Staying Alive

Colliding worlds of people unlike us
Edition 8: People like Us

Seeing and making the future
Edition 18: In the Neighbourhood

First define, then see and act
Edition 19: Re-imagining Australia

The ideology of religion
Edition 7: The Lure of Fundamentalism

The year cities ate the world
Edition 20: Cities on the Edge

Coming and going in the global village
Edition 6: Our Global Face

Disruptive influences
Edition 21: Hidden Queensland

The tail that wagged the dog
Edition 21: Hidden Queensland

Virtual reality and a gilded age
Edition 22: MoneySexPower

Nurturing the creative core
Edition 23: Essentially Creative

Openness, collaboration & participation
Edition 24: Participation Society

End of another era
Edition 25: After the Crisis

A brilliant career on the edge
Edition 26: Stories for Today

Addicted to Celebrity
Edition 5: Addicted to Celebrity

We are what we eat
Edition 27: Food Chain

Cashing in the chips
Edition 28: Still the Lucky Country?

Confusion with numbers
Edition 29: Prosper or Perish

Best done slowly
Edition 30: The Annual Fiction Edition

Making Perfect Bodies
Edition 4: Making Perfect Bodies

In praise of experts
Edition 31: Ways of Seeing

Really Surreal
Edition 32: Wicked Problems, Exquisite Dilemmas

Storytelling, sense-making
Edition 33: Such Is Life

Networks: mates, nodes and cells
Edition 3: Webs of Power

Time to don the bat wings
Edition 34: The Annual Fiction Edition

Life in a time of disasters
Edition 35: Surviving

The land - dreams and disappointments
Edition 2: Dreams of Land

A question with many answers
Edition 36: What Is Australia For?

Footloose, fancy-free
Edition 37: Small World

Reviving the novella
Edition 38: The Novella Project

Insecurity in the new world order
Edition 1: Insecurity in the New World Order

Oscillating wildly
Edition 39: TASMANIA – The Tipping Point?

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