Edition 71

Remaking the Balance

How will we change what we do with what we have?

As we navigate a world in dramatic upheaval, our relationship with the resources we utilise – what we mine, burn, grow and eat – has never seemed more problematic at a time when, economically and existentially, those resources have never been more crucial. But might the shock of a pandemic reframe our relationship with the animal, vegetable, mineral of what we use and transform to forge new practices and new sustainabilities? And how might it reframe broader ideas of our resourcefulness – foresight, creativity, co-operation – that inform how we live well?

As the world teeters between old and new ways of doing, can we remake the balance between what we need and what we nurture? Can we forge a new equilibrium to sustain us into the twenty-first century?

RRP: 27.99 / Publication Date: Jan 2021 / ISBN: 978-1-922212-56-6 / Extent: 264pp / Formats: Paperback (234 x 153mm), eBook

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