Chloë Callistemon

Chloe Callistemon

Chloë Callistemon is a photographer, writer and multidisciplinarian whose poetry has been published in journals and anthologies including Cordite, Rabbit and Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry.



Poetry light’s tacked to the window i  want it to pick at me eat  me like fairy floss or a scab you  say it’s sexual frustration i  pick at the drink label next  morning turn your fingers on  me when you reach to stop  mine what use...

urgent biophilia

Poetrywrist-deep in dirt for something less particular satisfaction more tasty than butter lettuce wilting kale curling towards sun cabbage grubs chew chew chewing cabbage butterflies pupating try a decoy moth mobile the bean vine sprints 10cm a day are carrots after carrots okay? a tender snap and crunch in...

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