Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans is a chef, farmer and writer who runs a mixed smallholding, Fat Pig Farm, in southern Tasmania, where the produce is grown on site to serve in his farm-­based restaurant.

He’s the author of more than a dozen books on food, including On Eating Meat (Murdoch Books, 2019) and The Commons (Hardie Grant, 2019). He’s currently writing a book, Soil, due out in July 2021.


Finding the fundamentals of culture

MemoirValuing a job that creates something tangible is probably why, on leaving school, I opted to become a chef; I liked the idea of making food, and hopefully making people happy. It’s probably why I farm, because doing something physical, to produce something you can actually touch, is wired into me.

We need to talk about the northwest

Essay IT HAD BEEN raining the first time I visited far northwest Tasmania. Which isn't unusual. Rain, that often-fickle decider of rural fate, falls regularly and in volume on this little corner of the world. It can be a challenge...

Eating for the climate

ReportageIF THERE’S ONE area in which the battle for the food dollar has met the battle for the climate head on, it’s meat. In particular, meat from grazing animals. Those who believe we should all abstain from eating meat...

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