Inga Simpson

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Inga Simpson is the author of Understory: A Life With Trees (Hachette, 2017), Where the Trees Were (Hachette, 2016), Nest (Hachette, 2014) and Mr Wigg (Hachette, 2013).

She has a PhD in creative writing from QUT, and has recently submitted a PhD in English literature at the University of Queensland.


Blue crane

FictionListen to Inga Simpson read ‘Blue crane’. THOSE FIRST WEEKS Sally walked the beach, it went unread. She saw only a scallop of yellow sand edged with dark rock. Although her eyes were directed downwards, ahead of her feet and, occasionally, out to...

Encounters with amnesia

EssayNATURE WRITING HAS never been more popular. In recent years it has become an international publishing phenomenon, with titles such as Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk (Jonathan Cape, 2014), Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks (Hamish Hamilton, 2015), Amy Liptrot’s The...


MemoirIRONBARKS, AS THEIR name suggests, are tough trees. Their outer covering is thick, rough and deeply furrowed. Dead bark is not shed but accumulates. As it dies, it is infused with kino, a dark red sap or gum. The...

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