Edition 74

Escape Routes

  • Published 2nd November, 2021
  • ISBN: 978-1-922212-65-8
  • Extent: 264pp
  • Paperback (234 x 153mm), eBook

Sometimes, we all need to get away…

From mermaids and space matriarchs to fresh starts and flights of fancy, Escape Routes explores what it means to break out and break free.

Featuring new work from Behrouz Boochani, Kim Scott, Peggy Frew, Natalie Kon-yu, David Ritter and Alice Gorman, plus the four winners of Griffith Review‘s inaugural Emerging Voices competition Declan Fry, Alison Gibbs, Vijay Khurana and Andrew Roff, Griffith Review 74: Escape Routes takes us across borders to places once out of reach, heading over the horizon to access other worlds.


Listen to Editor Ashley Hay read her introduction ‘Escape Rooms’.

Listen to contributor Peggy Frew read her fiction ‘Wildflowers’.

Listen to Editor Ashley Hay on Books, Books, Books podcast.

In this Edition

Americano Sal

It was always busy there in Palermo. During a snow shower I’d sit in the cafés, small corner net connections. Sometimes the weather was a little heavy – I’d kick my boots clean of ice at the entrance, umbrella heavy with sleet. The man you paid to use the internet would be singing in Farsi; a woman would speak in hushed tones in the cubicle. Sometimes not so hushed. Talking to her family on the other side of the world. Where maybe it was snowing, too. And together they could listen to each other. Together in the snow they could talk.


Now Pidgin didn’t say much to nobody, but he was different around his feathered friends, and also with me, coming to overlook my human bits. Plus I never poked fun at him the way others did, about the slowness, the bung eyes or walking like a string was tied from his ankle to the back of his nog – you know, pidgin-like – or being good with nothing else but bird things, which never holds much bargain for others, and they’ll want to tease and knuckle what they don’t get. Truth is I was in love with Pidgin, not that he knew – though it could have been mooch, since he was always calling me up.

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