ABC RN Big Ideas – The cultural exchange between Australia and Europe


Inspired by Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange, published in partnership with the Australian National University, Dr Natasha Cica, Christos Tsiolkas and Irris Makler join ABC Radio National’s Paul Barclay to explore the deep and complex relationships between Europe and Australia – and show how Australians of many backgrounds have contributed to a longstanding dialogue that enriches both continents.

Broadcast: 8.05 pm, Wednesday 9 September 2020, ABC Radio National
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COVID 19 may have physically cut Australia off from Europe – for the time being – but we have a long and deep history of cultural exchange with the countries of the European continent. European migrants and refugees have helped shape modern Australia, and the... Read more

Griffith Review 69 national launch – via Zoom


When: 6:00pm, Tuesday 25 August
Where: Live stream via Zoom
RSVP: Please register here

Griffith Review invites you to the national launch of The European Exchange, hosted by our publishing partners for this edition, the Australian National University.


COVID-19 is profoundly changing our understanding of borders and freedom of movement – but the relationships between the world’s European north and its Australian south have always been a dynamic work in progress.

Join Natasha Cica, co-editor of Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange, as she explores the richness of the... Read more

Brisbane launch – Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange

Wherever you are, you’re invited!

Brisbane launch of Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange via Zoom.


When: 6:30–7:30pm, Thursday 13 August 2020
Where: Zoom hosted by Avid Reader
Tickets: Free. Please register here before 4pm 13 August in order to receive the Zoom link

So many aspects of the world have been transformed by COVID-19 during 2020, its regions and its countries reset as distinct and disconnected places. But while this crisis has profoundly challenged the idea of Europe and Australia as interconnected and accessible, the ongoing exchange between these two continents will continue to evolve and reshape.

Join The European Exchange co-editor Natasha Cica and contributors Robyn Archer and Mat Schulz... Read more

ABC RN Big Ideas – Aged care, dementia and assisted dying

Inspired by Griffith Review 68: Getting On, Melanie Cheng, writer and general practitioner; Associate Professor Sarah Holland-Batt, poet, editor, critic, witness at the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety; and Andrew Stafford, author and journalist, join ABC Radio National’s Paul Barclay to discuss aged care, dementia and assisted dying.

Neglect of the elderly is rife in Australia. An ageing population also means an increase in dementia, with many saying they would rather end their life than endure the disease. Our laws, however, prevent assisted dying. Paul Barclay talks to a panel of writers about restoring dignity and empathy to aged care, and the limits of euthanasia.

Broadcast: 8.05 pm, Wednesday 1 July 2020, ABC Radio... Read more

Yarra Valley Writers Festival – Griffith Review Sunday Writerly Session


This is a time when we need conversations, connection and our thinkers and writers more than ever.

In that spirit, Yarra Valley Writers Festival has been reimagined and reengineered into a live-streamed event on Saturday 9 May along with a series of streamed Sunday Writerly Sessions for the rest of the month.


Griffith Review is hosting a terrific panel on Sunday 10 May to celebrate our 68th edition, Getting On.

Join Charlotte Wood, Donna Ward and Ailsa Piper and editor Ashley Hay in conversation about this world where seventy is the new fifty, where old age isn’t what it used to be.

As the proportion of older Australians continues to rise, the lived experience... Read more

ABC RN Big Ideas – Reimagining trust in a time of COVID-19

Inspired by Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust, published in partnership with ANZSOG, Professor Glyn Davis AC, Professor Anne Tiernan and Professor Caitlin Byrne explore the implications and opportunities of a collapse in trust in the age of COVID-19. Join ABC Radio National’s Paul Barclay for a conversation that considers Australia’s unique heritage in unconventional alliances and asks us to imagine reform in the face of change we can’t always see coming.

Broadcast: 8.00 pm, Tuesday 28 April 2020, ABC Radio National
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What role do alliances and divisions play in our experiences of trust? What are the possibilities of the unconventional, the improvised?

What we trust, who we trust and how we trust sit at the centre of today’s most complex debates, particularly now we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Australia is a country sceptical of its government, a country asking profound questions of its traditional institutions... Read more

How do we restore trust in government?

Can the public service take the lead in restoring trust or must we wait for politicians to act? Do we need changes to laws and structures, or culture change driven by public servants themselves? What capabilities will we need for the future? Is the sports affair an exception or the new normal?

Join editor Ashley Hay, ANZSOG Dean and CEO Ken Smith, the Grattan Institute’s Kate Griffiths and the University of Melbourne’s Sarah Maddison to discuss all this and more at a free event produced in collaboration with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, publication partner of Matters of Trust.

When: 12 pm, Thursday 5 March
Where: Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
Tickets: Free (registration essential)

Adelaide Writers’ Week

At this free panel discussion, Ashley Hay asks Rachel Ankeny, Danielle Wood, Anne Tiernan and Natasha Cica how we might connect to one another, reclaim our power and trust once more.

When: 3.45 pm, Wednesday 4 March
Where: West Stage, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, Adelaide
Tickets: Free (more information here)

Matters of Trust – Hobart launch

Join contributors Natasha Cica and Damon Young and Griffith Review editor Ashley Hay in conversation with Amanda Ducker for the Tasmanian launch of Matters of Trust.

When: 5.30 pm, Thursday 27 February
Where: Fullers Bookshop, Hobart
Tickets: Free (RSVP online)

Matters of Trust – Sydney launch

In a discussion chaired by Ashley Hay, criminal defence lawyer Teela ReidDavid Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific and University of Sydney fellow Frances Flanagan take a closer look at their contributions to Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust.

With new work from Anne Tiernan, David Ritter, Cameron Muir, Alex Miller, Sophie Overett, Omar Sakr, John Kinsella and many more, this timely edition of Griffith Review explores the implications and opportunities of a collapse in trust, from diplomacy to the dynamics of the most intimate personal relationships. In asking how we can find connection in increasingly divided and disrupted spaces, Matters of Trust offers stories of transformation, epiphany and hope.

When: 6 pm, Wednesday 19 February
Where: Gleebooks, Glebe, Sydney
Tickets: $9–12, gleeclub free (available online)

Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust is published with the support of ANZSOG.

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