Launch – Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance

Wherever you are, you’re invited! 

Launch of Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance.


When: 6.30–7.30pm, Thursday 11 February 2020
Where:  Hosted by Avid Reader – limited places available in-store or join via Zoom
Tickets: Free! Registrations opening soon

Join Griffith Review editor Ashley Hay in conversation with featured authors from Remaking the Balance as they explore how we define our relationships with resources, from the tangible to the ephemeral.

Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance explores our relationships with resources – all that’s animal, vegetable and mineral – as well as with so many less tangible commodities. This edition expanded to accommodate the impact of coronavirus, introducing the idea of disruption, the idea that it might be possible not only to press reset, but to remake, reimagine, some of the world’s operating systems.

Join this riveting conversation that considers what sustainability looks like in 2021 in terms of food, energy, memory, systems and hope.

Limited places in-store at Avid Reader, 193 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane. To secure your seat, email [email protected]


Remaking the Balance features contributions from Matthew Evans, Sophie Cunningham, Alan Schwartz, Jo Chandler, Clare Wright, Declan Fry, Elspeth Probyn and many more, plus a Q&A with award-winning US writer Barbara Kingsolver, a conversation between novelists Chris Flynn, Erin Hortle and Laura Jean McKay, and a visual essay by acclaimed Australian photographer Trent Parke.

With essays, reportage, memoir, fiction and poetry, the topics in this edition include:

– the inelastic limits of the planet

– hope and courage as muscles to be exercised

– new ways of understanding value and profit

– the secrets of soil

– food security issues for Indigenous Australians

– the untapped potential of new energy sources

– the art of the speak/listen trade

– how we construct collective memory

– the future of a beloved summer fruit

– the challenges of anthropocentrism.

Now, more than ever, Australia’s writers

need readers for their work.

Editions of Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance, are available from 2 February 2021. Or you can visit our store and purchase a subscription. You will receive the current and next three editions of Griffith Review!

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