Adelaide Writers’ Week – Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance

With Gabrielle Chan, Nardi Simpson and Clare Wright / Chaired by Ashley Hay

Was 2020 a year of rupture that will change what we do with what we have? How will it impact on our ideas of access and abundance, of security and agency? How will it alter the way we think about resources – tangible and intangible; animal, vegetable, mineral, more? Contributors Nardi Simpson, Clare Wright and Gabrielle Chan explore new ideas of trade and exchange, sustainability and story, in Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance, in conversation with Editor Ashley Hay.

When: 3:45 pm, Thursday 4 March 2021

Where: Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, West Stage

Tickets: Free!

Duration: 1 hour

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World Science Festival Brisbane Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance

Image credit: Marian Drew, Melon, Coral, Clouds [detail] 2014


How will we change what we do with what we have?

Join Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance contributors Sophie Cunningham, Ian Lowe and Jasmin McGaughey and editor Ashley Hay at World Science Festival Brisbane as they explore the ways in which our changing relationships with resources are altering what we do with all that’s animal, vegetable and mineral – as well as with less tangible commodities such as memory, stories and hope.

This is a compelling discussion on the inelastic limits of the planet; on energy in all forms – from nuclear and hydrogen to human; on how to treat hope and courage as muscles we... Read more

Launch – Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance

Wherever you are, you’re invited! 


When: 6.30–7.30pm, Thursday 11 February 2021
Where: Hosted by  Avid Reader – limited places available in-store or join via Zoom
Tickets:  Free! Attend in-store or via Zoom. Registration details below.

Join Griffith Review editor Ashley Hay in conversation with featured authors from Remaking the Balance Jo Chandler, Bronwyn FredericksLesley-Anne Houghton and Robin E Roberts as they explore how we define our relationships with resources, from the tangible to the ephemeral.

The evening will commence with a poetry reading by Chloë Callistemon whose work also appears in Griffith Review 71: Remaking the Balance.

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The Whitlam Institute and Griffith Review – Closed Borders, Open Minds?


An online conversation from

Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange

6pm AEDT, Thursday 10 December 2020

Presented by the Whitlam Institute



COVID-19 has changed our world. Australia’s international border has been effectively closed since March and the continent seems more distant than ever from places and people that have long influenced and informed it – including Europe, with its dialogues and its diversity.

How do we keep global engagement alive in these challenging times? How can we stay open to ideas beyond our own national frame? Do closed borders inevitably lead to closed minds?

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ABC RN Big Ideas and The Elemental Summer

Wherever you are, you’re invited!

ABC RN Big Ideas and The Elemental Summer


When: 6:30–7:30 pm AEST, Tuesday 15 December 2020
Where: Zoom hosted by Avid Reader
Tickets: Free. Please register here


Are we on the brink of another unstable summer?


In anticipation of what the next summer might bring, Griffith Review is publishing The Elemental Summer, a new online initiative featuring writing from a selection of Australia’s most respected thinkers on climate.

Join Radio National Big Ideas presenter Paul Barclay as he explores the coming season with Elemental Summer contributors Joëlle Gergis, James Bradley and Susan Harris Rimmer.

The Elemental Summer will lead coverage of the season’s stories and contribute to a necessarily unpredictable conversation... Read more

Wollongong Writers Festival: Seventy is the new fifty


When: 6pm AEDT, Thursday 26 November 2020
Where: Zoom hosted by Wollongong Writers Festival
Tickets: $10 + booking fee. Purchase here.

In a world where seventy is the new fifty, old age isn’t what it used to be. By 2060, the ratio of Australians aged over sixty-five will have passed one in four. This unprecedented demographic transformation marks a quiet revolution with far-reaching consequences for both individuals and wider society. Join Griffith Review editor Ashley Hay and contributors to Griffith Review 68: Getting On Helen Garner and Vicki Laveau-Harvie as they discuss ageing in contemporary times.

About the panellists

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Launch – Griffith Review 70: Generosities of Spirit

Wherever you are, you’re invited! 

Launch of Griffith Review 70: Generosities of Spirit . 


When: 6.30–7.30pm, Thursday 12 November 2020
Where: Zoom event hosted by Avid Reader
Tickets: Free! Register here

The end of this challenging year feels like a good time to be exploring and celebrating generosities of spirit with powerful short fiction, non-fiction and poetry from an exciting range of emerging and established voices.

Join Generosities of Spirit featured authors Allanah Hunt, Kate Veitch, Rhianna Boyle and Kristina Olsson in conversation with Griffith Review Managing Editor John Tague as they reflect on the year that was. This very special event celebrates the winners of Griffith Review’s latest Novella Project and showcases two of its featured... Read more

Rose Scott Women Writers Festival


Getting On: Ageing Successfully

Charlotte Wood and Therese Hall with Ashley Hay


Date:  Saturday 19 September 2020
Time: 11.30 – 12.30 AEST
Location: Zoom video conferencing app. To set up zoom download from

Now is the time to talk more broadly about the potential benefits – as well as the challenges – of growing old. Griffith Review 68: Getting On contributes to this necessary conversation, offering an insightful exploration of the many truths of ageing, and some causes for celebration.

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ABC RN Big Ideas – The cultural exchange between Australia and Europe


Inspired by Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange, published in partnership with the Australian National University, Dr Natasha Cica, Christos Tsiolkas and Irris Makler join ABC Radio National’s Paul Barclay to explore the deep and complex relationships between Europe and Australia – and show how Australians of many backgrounds have contributed to a longstanding dialogue that enriches both continents.

Broadcast: 8.05 pm, Wednesday 9 September 2020, ABC Radio National
Listen here

COVID 19 may have physically cut Australia off from Europe – for the time being – but we have a long and deep history of cultural exchange with the countries of the European continent. European migrants and refugees have helped shape modern Australia, and the... Read more

Griffith Review 69 national launch – via Zoom


When: 6:00pm, Tuesday 25 August
Where: Live stream via Zoom
RSVP: Please register here

Griffith Review invites you to the national launch of The European Exchange, hosted by our publishing partners for this edition, the Australian National University.


COVID-19 is profoundly changing our understanding of borders and freedom of movement – but the relationships between the world’s European north and its Australian south have always been a dynamic work in progress.

Join Natasha Cica, co-editor of Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange, as she explores the richness of the... Read more

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