Decolonising the shelf

‘Here is our story, the one we carry on our backs with every book we publish, every day and night: the history that never has and never will escape us.’

In 2019 Tara June Winch set herself the goal of reading only books by Indigenous authors in acknowledgement and celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Inviting us all to decolonise our bookshelves, Winch has reviewed a selection of these works – historical and contemporary, in mother tongue and English – online with Griffith Review in an exclusive online series celebrating past and present Indigenous literature.

Decolonising the shelf: A special series in celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages

The books we carry on our backs: 1796–1996

Speaking for ourselves: 1997–2007

Can you hear me now?: 2008–2018

2019: Future voices

On ‘Kurlumarniny’ and ‘Yijarni’: Two books in language

On ‘Ninu’ and ‘Two sisters’

For the love of our children