A new animal

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  • Published 20231107
  • ISBN: 978-1-922212-89-4
  • Extent: 207pp
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My son has made friends

with the daddy-long-legs

under the kitchen bench.

Each morning 

I am freshly summoned

to ‘um ook at em.’ 

Come look at him.

The body: a dot 

of graphite 

huddled in the corner,

its pencil-line legs

all bent up in a scribble.

I am relieved he is not like me 

as a child: afraid of spiders.

‘Ook ook Mummy.’

He is pointing under the bench.

‘It’s is oome.’

His home. 

I can’t bring myself to vacate

the corpse:

I want the friendship 

to last.

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About the author

Jo Ward

Jo Ward is a poet living in Kupidabin, Queensland. She is the author of A Quiet Sorcery (Hardie Grant, 2022) and founder of Ovidian,...

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