Prosper or Perish

Edition 29

It is estimated that Australia’s population will reach 35 million by 2050. This will put stress on cities, social cohesion and fragile ecosystems.

Even for a country built on immigration, the continuing high rates of population growth are testing the consensus of national identity and demand a visionary approach to imagine a very different future, with a bigger, older population in a world that is bursting at the seams.

A major essay by award winning author and ABC presenter of The National Interest, Peter Mares explores the tensions between a humanitarian and an environmental approach to migration and population, with a look at the emergence of an anti-growth movement and political party and an evaluation of how we measure economic growth and quality of life.

The pressure of how to strike the right balance between environmental preservation, cultural diversity and a robust economy will make population and immigration policies a significant factor in this year’s federal election.

Prosper or Perish explores what’s at stake in getting the mix right, and reports on the realities for a new generation of global citizens whose work, lives and relationships stretch across borders and blend traditional identities.

It includes moving memoirs, reportage from the front line and insightful analysis of the competing perspectives.

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