Phil Brown is a senior writer with Brisbane News.

He is the author of two books of poetry, Plastic Parables (1991) and An Accident in the Evening (2001) and two humorous memoirs, Travels with My Angst (2004) and Any Guru Will Do (2006), both published by UQP.

He is a former chairman of the Brisbane Writers' Festival and is now writing a novel based on his childhood in Hong Kong.

His essays have been published in Griffith REVIEW.

Pieces by Phil Brown

Confessions of a weather nut
Edition 12: Hot Air

Our man up there
Edition 9: Up North

Stranger in a strange land
Edition 15: Divided Nation

Hong Kong 1967: Summer of discontent
Edition 18: In the Neighbourhood

The Olden Days - Toowoomba
Edition 21: Hidden Queensland

Where is home?
Edition 29: Prosper or Perish

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