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Beau Windon is a neurodivergent Wiradjuri writer based in Naarm (Melbourne). He was a recipient of the 2022 Melbourne Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards for self-told stories, and in 2021 was awarded a Varuna Residential Fellowship. In 2022, he received funding to produce his memoir from the City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts. You can follow him on social media @WhoIsBeauWindon or on his website:  


Walking through the mou(r)n(ing of a)tain(ted life)

Non-fictionMy big black cloak could probably keep me from freezing overnight. I remember a movie where a character smeared a layer of dirt over their body to stay warm. That would be my ‘break in case of emergency’ action…if my OCD will bury the anxiety of contamination for survival’s sake.

‘A world we must defend’

Non-fictionSchools across Australia banned Pokémon in an attempt to regain control, but this only caused the franchise mania to intensify. Now Pokémon wasn’t just fun – it was also illegal, which meant it was dangerous, which meant trading cards on campus made you a risk-taker, which meant you were seen as fearless, which meant that you were dangerous.

Living in kayfabe

Non-fictionOn free-dress days, I wore my sister’s dance tights to school because they made me feel like I was a real wrestler. I would’ve worn my Speedos if my mum let me. Other kids stared at me and asked ‘What are you wearing?’ and I’d tell them that this was my wrestling gear.

Surviving Covid

Essay MASHED_BEAUTATO HERE with another strategic guide on how to most efficiently ace the hottest new game on the market. Surviving Covid is the latest release from Apocalypse Studios – it’s a simulated survival game where you’re tasked with surviving a...

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