Anna McGahan

Anna McGahan

Anna McGahan is an author and actor based in Meanjin (Brisbane). Her debut novel, Immaculate, was the 2023 recipient of The Australian/Vogel Award, and shortlisted for the 2024 MUD Literary Prize. Other books include her memoir Metanoia and the poetry collection Skin. As an actor, she can currently be seen in the ABC shows In Our Blood and Darby and Joan


Dried milk

Memoir THE RUIN OF the new mother is the raspberry. I give Yasmin, her eight-month-old, the bursting prize of the red berry. I know what I am doing. Yasmin’s smooth, brand-name knit has never been stained, until today. I jerk the chain on my...


PoetryTheir house has the taste of salt Pictures framed for satire Balsamic vinegar ripening Offset with olive oil They know themselves What they love What they take seriously What they scoff at Or dismiss They laugh well, between themselves and their close circle It’s almost its own world An earthy...

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