Brisbane Writers Festival – Crimes and Punishments

At this year’s Brisbane Writers Festival, meet with Griffith Review 65: Crimes and Punishments contributors Matthew Condon, Fiona Foley and Ross Homel as well as editor Ashley Hay to discuss true tales of crime, justice and retribution – and their very real impacts on our society.

For the latest edition of Griffith Review, award-winning writer and journalist Matthew Condon uncovers a series of unlikely connections between his family and the criminal history of the sunshine state; renowned artist Fiona Foley questions what role public art might play in exposing Australia’s dark misdeeds; and Ross Homel outlines how structural inequalities are impacting First Nations youth, and how better outcomes might be achieved.

When: 1 pm, 6 September 2019
Where: Cinema B, GoMA, South Bank, Brisbane
Tickets: $12–23, available online