James and the Giant BLEEP

Old books, bad words and the alchemical good of reading

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  • Published 20240206
  • ISBN: 978-1-922212-92-4
  • Extent: 203pp
  • Paperback, ePub, PDF, Kindle compatible

NON-FICTION I USED TO read to Jack in the library. 

‘Let’s go,’ I’d whisper. And we’d walk the cracked concrete path from the multipurpose room with its short-pile orange carpet to the school library at the back of the grounds, where a librarian sat wordlessly at the borrowing desk, eyeing us with suspicion.

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If anyone’s going to sell me shit, I reason, it may as well be a feminist: our virtual ‘bestie’ or ‘big sister’. We’re all implicated in the inescapable circuits of buying and selling anyway. This is just women looking out for women, linking arms as we negotiate the inevitable conditions of our lives – the capitalist matrix from which we cannot simply unplug ourselves.

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