Driverless Cars Transmogrify Ethics!

Galahs spring-grapple from nest to road.


AIs Writing Festive Songs!

A puff and it is nothing – some down –


Will Automation Take Your Job?

– affixed on a rear-view screen. A silent car.


Social Media Is Isolating Us!

Huffing putrefied old carbon.


Piston-punching rolls us on. White frightful

Future imaginings. Tailoring the monsters

it needs to fight. That fever whispers half-alive.

Spiral down in clickbait late Monday

afternoon. Read a listicle, futurefear.

Speculative spectacle drawin’ near.



I’m watching livestream of kids whose

Great great great great great greats

Saw something worse on their horizon

than algorithmic zombie.


A line-up of kids, tell trauma to a

Live inquiry. A flurry of ‘likes’ an’

‘angery reacts only’.


Whole alien nation watch obliquely

with no one to hear. They return to

their cells with no future to fear.

Griffith Review