Alison Whittaker


Alison Whittaker is a Gomeroi poet, essayist and legal academic. She is a Senior Researcher at the Jumbunna Institute, UTS. In 2017–18, Alison was a Fulbright scholar at Harvard Law School, where she was Dean’s Scholar in Race, Gender and Criminal Law. Her second book, Blakwork (Magabala, 2018), was shortlisted for the 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards and received the QLA Judith Wright Calanthe Award for a Poetry Collection in the same year. Her most recent edited work is Fire Front (UQP, 2020), an anthology of and about First Nations published poetry.


One minute past midnight

GR OnlineWe know, some of us, that confronting books are losing their power, flooded by an industry of trauma stories and books on mass casualty events and individual atrocity... Truth-telling and shock are one thing... But how do we make it clear that what we write of is a vast and interconnected world that also implicates all our readers as the cracks in its colonial mortar grow?


PoetryDriverless Cars Transmogrify Ethics!Galahs spring-grapple from nest to road. AIs Writing Festive Songs!A puff and it is nothing – some down – Will Automation Take Your Job?– affixed on a rear-view screen. A silent car. Social Media Is Isolating Us!Huffing putrefied old...


GR OnlineIt’s hard to find a way to justify falling asleep in the park, book splayed on my abdomen, as exercise – even within ten kilometres of my apartment. But the sun was just so warm on my thighs; it straddled heavy on me.

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