Yarra Valley Writers Festival – Griffith Review Sunday Writerly Session


This is a time when we need conversations, connection and our thinkers and writers more than ever.

In that spirit, Yarra Valley Writers Festival has been reimagined and reengineered into a live-streamed event on Saturday 9 May along with a series of streamed Sunday Writerly Sessions for the rest of the month.


Griffith Review is hosting a terrific panel on Sunday 10 May to celebrate our 68th edition, Getting On.

Join Charlotte Wood, Donna Ward and Ailsa Piper and editor Ashley Hay in conversation about this world where seventy is the new fifty, where old age isn’t what it used to be.

As the proportion of older Australians continues to rise, the lived experience of everyone, be they in care or looking after an aged relative, will be intertwined intimately with the phenomenon of longer lives. But longevity brings with it urgent issues: postponement of retirement, the question of financing extended life, how to forge a society that can accommodate the needs of a majority older population with the dynamism of the young.

When: 3pm Sunday 10 May
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