Webs of Power

Edition 3

The World Wide Web has changed the way we think. Elites are passé; networks are the new webs of power. This issue explores way networks of mates, nodes and cells really exercise power.

From the revolving door of politics to the junior cricket team, from nepotism in business to the experience of new migrants, networks of people with shared beliefs and expectations shape outcomes more than ever.

Six degrees of separation have been shrunk to two or three as the connected world takes shape.

Webs of Power investigates whether Australia has really become a more connected society and the risks and opportunities this presents

Writers include: Mungo MacCallum, Gideon Haigh, Anne Coombs, Tom Morton, Quentin Dempster, Gerard Henderson, Natasha Mitchell, Jock Given, Sandman, Julian Thomas, Debbie Kilroy, Lee Kofman, Paul Wilson, Chris Chesher, Charles Firth and more.

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