Edition 26

Stories for Today


A new world is taking shape, driven by globalisation and the increasing complexity of our era. We are at a point in history where the artists and story tellers are best placed to define us to ourselves.

Stories for Today, a special summer fiction edition, presents a fresh and candid reinterpretation of the Australian character, with stories from the writers who are making an impact at home and overseas.

Voices from home and the Australian diaspora explore the impact of migration, easy movement, pandemics, recession, connection with Asia, the service economy and more.

Just as fiction provided the enduring images and notions of Australia at other key points in our history so we need stories to do this today. Articulating the new values – sustainability, tolerance and accountability – shouldn’t be left to the politicians and advertisers but is something artists and writers are equipped to explore and express.

This edition will also feature a series of short essays commissioned from leading writers who will engage with questions about why writing fiction matters, how it differs from other forms of communication and what it contributes to our culture and understanding of ourselves.


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