Edition 28

Still the Lucky Country?


Still the Lucky Country? answers these questions with a searing reappraisal of Australia now – the sources of power, influence and fragility – on the cusp of the Asian century.

When Donald Horne coined the phrase ‘The Lucky Country’ with a large dollop of irony, he was pleading for changes to the institutions and attitudes that had made Australia complacent.

The time is right for a re-examination of Australia in an international context, of what we can expect in an era of globalisation and climate change.

Marcia Langton looks at life beyond the Great Divide, where mining companies hold sway; Kathy Marks follows the trail of the new gold rush; Glyn Davis assesses Horne’s contribution; and John Keane explores the way Australians have made their own luck. This edition will be essential reading in an election year.


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