Re-imagining Australia

Edition 19

Australia is a product of political imagination. The boldness of the vision that turned a continent into a nation was remarkable. It was not without fault, but it was a big idea – pragmatic, progressive and bristling with possibility.

It is now time to re-imagine Australia again, to learn from the past and imagine a future for a new century.

Leading legal activist George Williams declares the system of government has passed its used-by date with antiquated rules of democracy that limit involvement. He proposes a way to repair this and build on the traditions of the past to solve the blame game that paralyses change in Australia. This is a compelling, once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Re-imagining Australia is not a political wish list. It paints the big picture of how the nation evolved and where it might go. It is optimistic and tough minded – personal, political and unpredictable.

Griffith Review