Edition 25

After the Crisis


The global financial crisis is different to other recessions. It challenges many economic fundamentals. Its resolution will fundamentally change the world and the way business is done.

After the Crisis projects this new future, analyses the causes and historic parallels, examines the limits of the growth, and graphically reports what is happening on the front line around the world.

The corruption of banking is at the heart of the global financial crisis. Like an internet virus, it is a contagion that has spread with remarkable speed and destruction. It has highlighted the weaknesses in the financial system and the economic order – the burden is not falling evenly.

In the lead essay acclaimed author and business journalist Gideon Haigh goes beyond the clichés and the predictable explanations to make sense of what is happening and why. His essay critically examines the practices of banking and the finance industry and the consequences for us all.

Other essays explore the limits of growth, the new meaning of globalism, the rise and rise of China, and front line reports of destruction and opportunities from Australia and around the world.

This is an important agenda setting issue of Griffith REVIEW – responding to the crisis that will reshape the world and anticipating what it might mean.


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