Stephen Orr

Stephen Orr

Stephen Orr’s latest novel is This Excellent Machine (Wakefield Press, 2019). He has written a few novels, and has been longlisted for awards such as the Miles Franklin and the Dublin International.


The skies of Middle Europe

GR OnlinePrague. A mess of absinthe shops and pork knuckles, but just as much, the driveway where Heydrich’s son was run over outside the castle, and the bullet-shredded window of the basement of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral where Heydrich’s assassins hid (before the inevitable).


FictionWILLIAM DUTTON WAS still walking towards school. Two decades after he’d finished, still. Carrying his guitar, head down, mumbling to himself, resenting that he had to go, waste another day, fill in shitty little forms that he always got...

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