Sarah Kanowski

Sarah Kanowski is a writer, editor and broadcaster with ABC Radio National.

She is the new editor of Island magazine, the literary quarterly based in Tasmania and addressed to readers and writers across the world.

Her essays and reviews have appeared in Griffith REVIEWThe MonthlyAustralian Book ReviewEureka StreetThe Australian Literary Review and HEAT.


In the waiting room

ReportageTANYA SITS AT the side of the couch, her head resting on her hand. She smiles when I say "hello", but her two-year old daughter has been sick with a cold and Tanya's caught it. A headache and a...

The farm

GR Online‘WHO CARES? I mean, who the fuck cares?' This is more exclamation than question. Patrice Newell is exhausted. Exhausted and angry. Angry at ineffectual government, at obtrusive bureaucracy, at ignorant consumers, at naive environmentalists, at greedy industrialists. Possibly at me. I've...

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