Sandy Toussaint

Sandy Toussaint

Sandy Toussaint is a professor of anthropology, an author and curator whose publications include five books. She is a Trustee of the 1930s Phyllis Kaberry Kimberley Collection at AIATSIS, and enduring Co-Trustee of the Catherine Berndt Estate. Sandy managed the Berndt Museum between 2013-2015 during a time of transition. She is currently a Senior Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Western Australia, and at Notre Dame University’s Nulungu Research Institute, where research and writing includes the value of understanding and promoting cultural ethics.


A Martuwarra Serpent stirs in its sleep…

Non-fictionAboriginal people are usually confident in the enduring nature of knowledge (not just belief) because that other mob down the road has the same story, or a similar one. It is a multispecies and layered story, and that is precisely what makes it creative, unlike so much of continuing Western materialist ideas and practices.

A letter to Catherine Berndt

EssayReaders are informed that images of deceased persons are included in this essay, which may cause unintentional distress. Catherine and Ronald Berndt established the anthropology program at the University of Western Australia in Perth in 1956. Twenty years later, they...

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