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Peter Mares is program director at the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership at Monash University and a contributor to Inside Story magazine. Peter is the author of three books: No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia’s Housing Crisis (Text, 2018); Not Quite Australian: How Temporary Migration is Changing the Nation (Text, 2016); and Borderline (UNSW Press 2001), an analysis of Australia’s refugee policies. Peter previously worked for twenty-five years as a broadcaster with the ABC. He co-edited Griffith Review 61: Who We Are, and his four-part radio series, Housing the Australian Nation, was broadcast on ABC Radio National in 2020 .


Settling and making a place

IntroductionAUSTRALIA WAS THE last continent to experience the transformation wrought by new settlers arriving to make it their own. For centuries, explorers had set forth to discover lands which others already called home, but that were conquered and renamed...

Refuge without work

ReportageShortlisted, 2014 Human Rights Award, Print and Online AwardMY INTERVIEW WITH Mr Syed did not get off to a great start. We’d arranged to meet at the Dandenong library – part of the city council building, a huge, bright...

A special category

GR OnlineIN THE QUIET week between Christmas and New Year, sometimes even New Zealanders are newsworthy in Australia. Generally the significant Kiwi population in Australia goes unnoticed and unremarked. On Saturday 28 December 2013, however, mastheads from the Murdoch stable...

A routine removal

ReportageIT IS A cold winter evening and the visitors' lounge at the Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre feels like the waiting room of a forlorn hospital, a place where you sit anticipating news that can only be bad. A few...

Monday morning in Mernda

ReportageWhen I visited the display homes at Mernda Villages, I was acutely aware that Mernda will be anything but a village once all the sites are sold, the houses built and the homes occupied.

Such is life in Beijing

EssaySUNDAY, 3 APRIL 2011: Crossing the Hay Plain at 30,000 feet.Underway at last! I didn't sleep well last night. In part it was the normal anxiety that precedes international travel, exaggerated by the fact that I haven't been overseas...

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