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Paul Daley is a Canberra-based author, multiple Walkley Award winning journalist, essayist and playwright.

His most recent book is the political novel Challenge (MUP, 2014). He is currently at work on a novel about anthropology and Australian racial politics.


A change in the political weather?

ReportageIN RECENT YEARS, a figure has begun to emerge from the dark recesses of Australia’s colonial history – one of the most progressive and courageous people from Queensland’s violent pastoral and logging frontier. Danish-born Carl Feilberg was a journalist and...

Enduring traditions of Aboriginal protest

ReportageNOBODY SEEMED QUITE capable of distinguishing John Noble from Jimmy Clements when the pair turned up for the royal opening of the new Commonwealth Parliament building in Canberra. It was Monday, 9 May 1927. And as far as European...

Transforming the bush

ReportageTHESE COWS ARE in no hurry. Each just meanders to the dairy, all rolling hindquarters, swishing tails and loping heads, the blue-black and tan Rorschach ink-blot patching of their hides vivid against the washed-out Australian summer light. They stop...

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