Dr Natasha Cica is the founding director of Kapacity.org. She is a former CEO of Heide Museum of Modern Art, and established the Inglis Clark Centre at the University of Tasmania. Her publications include Pedder Dreaming (UQP, 2011), and she was co-editor Griffith Review 39: Tasmania – The Tipping Point. She is an honorary professor at the Australian National University.

Pieces by Natasha Cica

Ripped in half?
Edition 69: The European Exchange

Signing up to the social contract
Edition 67: Matters of Trust

On the ground
Edition 15: Divided Nation

Tulips to Amsterdam
Edition 27: Food Chain

Talking on the terrace
Edition 3: Webs of Power

The cracks are how the light gets in
Edition 39: TASMANIA – The Tipping Point?

Griffith Review