Margaret Coffey

Margaret Coffey has been making programs for the Encounter series on ABC Radio for several years. She is a graduate of the University of Melbourne (BA) and Monash University (MA) and has a background in historical research and journalism.

A highlight of her broadcasting career was a visit to Indonesia in the months prior to the downfall of President Soeharto when she met religious leaders and activists who continue to be important in Indonesian affairs. She maintains a strong interest in developments in Indonesia.

Her Encounter programs have won finalist awards in the New York Festivals, as well as the New York Prize for best feature, and both the radio prize and the cross-media prize in the Austcare Media Awards.


Road maps without stories

EssayLAST YEAR, I walked through the ruins of a Crusader church high on a hill in Palestine.  A fire had burned outside this church as one link in the great chain of fire that signalled Jerusalem had been won...

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