Jane Camens

Jane Camens co-edited Griffith Review 49: New Asia Now and Griffith Review 59: Commonwealth Now

She is the executive director of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators, an association she founded in 2005 while studying at Griffith University. For APWT she has organised an annual writers’ conference in cities around Asia.

Jane gained her MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia, UK, and an MFA from Vermont College, USA.


We’re all Asian now

Introduction‘I’M NOT ASIAN and never will be,’ wrote Canadian author Karen Connelly in her Thai memoir, Touch the Dragon (Turnstone Press, 1992). ‘But,’ she went on, ‘I am not what I was before I came here, either. Something in...

A case for literary contamination

EssayWhat I am now is an interesting deformity. I am not Asian and never will be. Even if I forget it sometimes, no one else does. But I am not what I was before I came here, either. Something...


MemoirMARIAN IS AMERICAN, from Chicago. I've known her 15 years, ever since she arrived in Hong Kong. About five years ago she left Hong Kong and moved to Paris. Occasion­ally, she rings."I don't know what I look like anymore,"...

Passing judgement

FictionTHE TWO JUDGES sat on an enclosed veranda. The apartment at the end of the peninsula looked over the West River to a row of ugly factories on the Chinese side. This was the less fashionable side of Penha...

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