James Woodford


James Woodford is the Environment Writer for the Sydney Morning Herald and the author of The Wollemi Pine and The Secret Life of Wombats.

In his early twenties he won an Australian Geographic Young Adventurer of the Year Award. In 1996 he won the Eureka Prize for environmental journalism and he has been awarded the prestigious Michael Daly Prize for journalism twice.

He lives with his family on the south coast of NSW.


Knocking on the door

ReportageMY HOME IS in a small community on the New South Wales far south coast and when New Year's Day 2006 dawned, the prediction was for a stinker. There was even an expectation the day might be the hottest...

Advance Australia green

ReportageON OCTOBER 1, 1988, at Bibbenluke near Cooma in the Snowy Mountains, a feral fish was declared an Australian and a blow was struck against environmental republicanism. A citizenship certificate had been taken – probably from the local shire...

What lies beneath

ReportageWALK AROUND THE Sydney city block bounded by Kent, Sussex, Napoleon and Erskine Streets and you are on top of a cultural ground zero. Below your feet is one of the first places where Australia's Stone Age ended and...

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