James Suzman

James Suzman Portrait Shoot.
For non commercial usage. Not for resale and if used commerical fees should be negotiated with Chris Frazer Smith 
Any useage must credit the portrit: Photography by Chris Frazer Smith
Phone: + 44 07831 376687

James Suzman is an anthropologist who has been documenting the often traumatic encounter between the remnants of Southern Africa’s last Khoisan hunter-gatherer societies and the relentlessly expanding global economy.

He is the author of Affluence without Abundance (2017) and the bestselling Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time (2020),which has now been translated into thirty languages.

Photo credit: Chris Frazer-Smith


Strong food

EssayThe principal reason Ju/’hoansi didn’t seek to accumulate wealth or surpluses was because they were confident first in the inherent providence of their environment and second in their ability to exploit it – so they were content to focus their energies on meeting only their immediate material needs rather than on creating or controlling surpluses.

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