Helen Gildfind


Helen Gildfind lives in Melbourne and has been published in Australia and overseas.
‘Quarry’ was completed as part of a short-story collection with the generous support of an Australia Council Grant. This collection is seeking publication, and was recently a finalist in the St Lawrence (unpublished) book award run by Black Lawrence Press (New York).
Helen is currently working on her first novel, which she began under the mentorship of Andrea Goldsmith, whose insightful feedback on ‘Quarry’ was gratefully received. 



FictionNow from the dark, a deeper dark…Elizabeth Coatsworth, ‘Calling in the Cat’  LUKE CROSSES HIS arms against the bluster and stares out across the grey. Even on the hottest days in summer, when dozens of people come here to walk...

Morning song

FictionTHE WOMAN WHO stands on the door-step is short and chunky. Her legs are like an elephant's. They go up from her feet and down from her hips without contour or curve. Her hair is coloured a bright hot...

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