Glenn Busch


Glenn Busch began his working life re-treading truck and car tyres in an Auckland factory.

Since that time he has lived and worked in many different places, and since the 1960s has been using a camera – and later a tape recorder – to gather the stories of people he meets along the way.

He is a senior lecturer at the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury.


Portrait of an artist

ReportageAs told to Lloyd JonesBefore you began writing people's stories you were a photographer, how did that happen?For part of every year now I live on a boat. Those who know about boats, particularly old boats such as ours,...

Place in time

MemoirAs told to Glenn Busch by Pamela 'Judy' Ross as part of the Christchurch documentary project, Place in Time.COWLISHAW STREET: I took it out on him. He wasn't even here to take it out on, but I'd go out...

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