Geraldine Brooks

BROOKS, Geraldine (credit Randi Baird)

Geraldine Brooks is the bestselling author of six works of fiction and three volumes of non-fiction. Her novel March won the Pulitzer Prize in 2006.


A life with horses 

In ConversationIn 2011, I was invited to a writers’ retreat in Santa Fe. It was held on a lovely old ranch with beautiful horses – Western Paints, Appaloosas – and one of the wranglers noticed me admiring them and invited me on a trail ride. It was an ecstatic experience.

Writing from the past

GR OnlineI SPEND A lot of time in graveyards these days. On mornings when it's too blustery to walk my dogs on the beach, I head for a cemetery. The towns of New England are notable for their burial grounds,...

The painted desert

ReportageFITZROY CROSSING, IN north-western Australia, is a group of settlements set between abrupt scarps of sandstone. The weather oscillates between the furnace heat of the dry season and the lashing rains of the wet, when saturated rocks glow red...

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